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TurboTax Home and Business 2016

Taxpayers who have a side job or who are self employed will benefit by using TurboTax Home and Business 2016. You will be able to file your personal and business taxes together. Let’s face it, in these tough economic times many of us have become a Jack of all trades for financial survival.

By using TurboTax Home and Business you will get everything that Premier tax software has to offer plus the added benefit of having tax preparation software for your own business.

Federal efile is Included for Free

Free federal efile is one of the many benefits of using the TurboTax Home and Business software package. You may be a sole proprietor, consultant, or a contractor providing services as a full time job or on the side. You will be guided right into making the best tax choices for your type of work. Industry specific deductions are laid out for you to spot the most commonly over looked tax deductions.

I don’t know about you, but the reason why I chose TurboTax Home and Business is because I wanted the most deductions I could possibly claim. If I were an accountant I wouldn’t need the help and advice from tax experts because I would be the expert. Using the TurboTax Home and Business tax software allows me to put my efforts on being an expert in my industry and not having to worry about whether my taxes are prepared correctly.

Business Income Tax Preparation

Business tax deductions for vehicles, home office expenses, supplies, and even tax preparation costs are clearly understood and you will know exactly which business tax deductions you qualify to claim. You are guaranteed to get every business tax deduction you deserve. Have you ever wondered if it’s better to take the actual vehicle expenses or the standard IRS mileage rate? You will not have to wonder anymore because you will be shown which tax deduction avenue will give you the biggest deduction.

Start up Deductions for a New Business

If you are brand new at owning a business, you will be given extra guidance and you will be pleasantly surprised with all of the tax deductions you will have for the start up costs of business ownership. TurboTax Home and Business was specifically designed so your tax deductions are maximized, alerts for audit triggers are shown, calculations are 100% guaranteed, and you will have complete faith in knowing your personal and business taxes are not only completed correctly, but also prepared for the biggest refund possible or the least tax owed.

Your Home and Business Taxes will be Correct

TurboTax Home and Business scans for mistakes and completes thousands of error checks. You know how accurate computer software programs can be when they are created by the company that continues to be Rated #1 year after year. There’s a reason why the best tax preparation software company earns that rating and it’s because they have proven to be the best. Well, that’s my opinion and it has also been my personal experience.

Tax Preparation Made Easy and Understandable

What I love about the TurboTax Home and Business tax software is the easy to understand language. I don’t have to be a tax expert to understand how to file my home and business tax form. I am asked simple and easy questions which makes tax preparation quick and easy. Another great feature is the tax software skips over all of the tax junk that doesn’t apply to me at all. My time is not wasted on volumes of tax questions that have nothing to do with me.

You should give TurboTax Home and Business a try today to see what it can do for you!

With a single click you can check for updates pertaining to tax laws. As you know, last minute legislation between Congress and the White House can really mess up your 1040 tax form. You can put all fears aside because TurboTax Home and Business 2015 will automatically update as you enter in your tax information!