5 industries in which workers quit in large numbers

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More than a year after the coronavirus pandemic forced millions of people out of their jobs, many of these workers are finding themselves out of work again.

But this time, it’s his choice.

In the so-called Great Resignation, millions of workers are leaving their jobs and looking for greener pastures. During the summer, 95% of workers surveyed said they were considering leaving their workplace, according to Monster.com.

As it turns out, those weren’t idle threats. In August alone, 242,000 workers quit their jobs, bringing the total to 4.27 million, according to preliminary figures released by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics on October 12.

Some areas of the workforce have been hit hard. Here are the five industries in which the largest number of workers left their jobs in August.

Durable Goods Manufacturing

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Number of employees who quit in August: 12000

Takeoff rate for August: 2.1%

The BLS broadly defines what it calls “resignations” as “employee-initiated voluntary dismissals” – essentially meaning instances of employees choosing to leave their jobs. This figure does not include employees who have left their jobs to retire.

BLS identifies quit states Rate As the number of resignations during an entire month, expressed as a percentage of total employment. Thus, says the BLS, the quit rate “can serve as a measure of workers’ willingness or ability to leave jobs.”

public education

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Number of workers who quit in August: 25000

Takeoff rate for August: 0.7%

While a relatively large number of people working in state and local government education left their jobs in August, the industry is associated (by the federal government) with the lowest quit rate.

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wholesale trade

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Number of employees who quit in August: 26000

Takeoff rate for August: 2.7%


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Number of employees who quit in August: 39,000

Takeoff rate for August: 4.7%

Not only did retail have the second-highest quit rate in August, it also had the second-highest quit rate of all industries listed in the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Only the next industry on this list has a higher rate of retailing.

Accommodation and food services

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Number of employees who quit in August: 157000

Takeoff rate for August: 6.8%

In addition to seeing the largest total number of employees leaving their jobs in August, the accommodation and food service industry also had the highest quit rate, at 6.8%, followed by the retail industry at 4.7%.

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