9 hidden ways to get more from Amazon

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While a Prime membership is the best way to get the most out of Amazon, the retailer’s website offers plenty of features for everyone.

They can be easily overlooked, but these hidden features can save you money, simplify shopping and also help eliminate clutter.

Keep reading for lesser known methods of getting more from Amazon.

1. Use the price tracker

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Honey, the browser extension, and CamelCamelCamel, a website and extension, are free tools that provide Amazon price tracking.

This means that you can use one of these tools to see how the price of a particular product has changed on Amazon over time and to maintain its prices in the future. This helps you get a better deal.

learn more: We explain more in “7 Free Tools to Save More Money on Amazon,” or you can head straight to Honey or CamelCamelCamel.com.

2. Get things for free

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Who doesn’t love free stuff? You can get a lot of it on Amazon, regardless of whether you have a Prime membership.

Free gifts range from e-books to valuable household goods that you can get by signing up for wedding gifts from companies like All-Clad, Mikasa, and Kenmore.

learn moreSee our article “9 Things Anyone Can Get Free on Amazon” for details on these and other freebies offered through the site.

3. Shop Secret Sections

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Amazon is already known for its discount prices on many items, but there are additional savings to be found if you know where to look.

Press Outlet to find discounted items for overstocking. You can also visit the refurbishment section for refurbished electronics.

learn moreMore on these and other secret sections can be found in our story “The 7 Hidden Amazon Sections Every Shopper Should Know.”

4. Redeem the clutter for gift cards

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Amazon minimalism may be lamented as a way to quickly fill your home with unnecessary purchases, but the retail giant can also help you cut down on clutter.

Amazon Trade-In allows customers to send unwanted electronics, books, and more. In return, they get an Amazon gift card.

learn moreVisit the Amazon Trade-In Program page, where you can also find out how much credit you can get for a particular piece of clutter around your house. Click on a product category to get started.

And for more tips like this, check out “8 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards.”

5. Check Coupons

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Yes, Amazon has coupons — plenty of them. No scissors needed: You can “cut” these digital coupons with the push of a button, either on the product webpage or the Amazon coupons page.

learn more: Visit the Amazon Coupons webpage to view all coupons that are currently available.

6. Buy exclusive generic brands

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It’s common knowledge that generics can cost a lot less than their brand-name counterparts, but did you know that Amazon has their own generics too?

They go by names like Amazon Basics and Amazon Elements, and some products from these brands are among the site’s best sellers.

learn moreVisit this Amazon page to get a quick idea of ​​the range of brands and products.

7. Subscribe and save

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Put your shopping in automatic trial mode with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature. A wide variety of products are eligible for subscription and save orders – from toothpaste and nappies to dog food.

You can select items and repeat shipments. Not only will Amazon send the items to you automatically at the frequency of your choice, it will also ship them for free.

Moreover, you will notice additional savings of up to 15%.

learn more: Visit the Amazon sign up and save page.

8. Return purchases to Kohl’s or UPS

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Amazon has made payouts easy for Prime members and non-members alike. You no longer have to search for a box and packing tape or print a shipping label.

Alternatively, you can simply take the item to your local Kohl’s or UPS store for a free return. You can do this at some Whole Foods Market locations as well.

You will receive a QR code from Amazon. Then, at the store, an associate will scan the code, take the item you return, pack it and ship it back to Amazon for you.

learn moreTo see if this return option is available for a specific item you want to return, sign in to your Amazon account and go to your orders, Amazon says.

9. Use old boxes to donate to charities

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Wondering what to do with the empty Amazon bins that are gathering in your garage? You can recycle it – or you can use it to send unwanted merchandise to charity instead.

Amazon partners with Give Back Box to encourage people to get rid of their homes and donate to charity.

It works like this: After you’ve offloaded your Amazon order, search your home for items that are in good condition but you no longer need or want. Then, put it in your Amazon box, go to the Give Back Box website to get a free shipping label and send your surplus to a good cause.

learn more: Visit the Give Back Box website. To print a free shipping label, click on the Amazon logo.

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