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To celebrate and learn about how our Minters made their financial milestones, we’ve reached out to daily Mint users like you, to share their stories. Whether it’s meeting your savings goals, or paying off your credit card debt, every profit counts!

We reached out to Ziba, a financial analyst from Canada to learn about her experience using Mint, and how she and her husband helped them achieve their financial goals. Read on for her #Empowermint story.

I have always been very involved in finance and budgeting, majoring in banking and finance in school. A budget is very important to me because it helps me make wiser financial decisions and it helps me understand where I can cut my spending and at the same time how I can make the most of my savings.

I was looking for a good budget app for some time when I came across Mint in an article. I first started using Mint six months ago (I wish I had found it earlier!) to keep track of my finances and create a budget. Using the app consistently helps my husband and I make sure we stick to our budget, pay our monthly bills on time, and are still able to save so we can invest to generate higher income.

Mint helped my husband and I in many ways, the main one being saving for a faster mortgage loan. When my husband and I bought our first home early this year, we wanted to keep track of all our cash inflows and outflows and get an overall picture of our finances. Mint was a great tool that helped us better understand our finances and make informed decisions. In addition, Mint has also helped us fund the purchase of our new luxury car, providing more for current and future investments. We use Mint daily, and take advantage of all the features within the app. I especially like the Spend Less Challenge, because it motivates me to stay within my spending limits and reduce unnecessary and impulsive purchases.

My favorite part about the Mint app is that it links all my accounts in one place, which gives me a clear picture of my overall financial position. This helps set my financial goals and track spending, because I know what areas I need to focus on! Using Mint also helped me become more disciplined when it came to making payments on time, as well as saving more for my goals.

Whatever your financial goal, Mint is a great tool that will not only help you determine your expenses, debts, and income, but also help you understand and prioritize your financial needs and desires.

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Anne Marie Belda (21 posts)

Anne-Marie Belda is the Director of Communications at Intuit Mint. She is passionate about helping readers achieve their financial goals from starting a savings account to financial freedom.

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