Consider teaching estate planning on your local cable TV

Television can be an effective way to reach and educate the public about the benefits of estate planning. However, regular commercial broadcasting stations charge a lot of money for advertising. There is a less expensive option: public access channels.

Do you have a cable TV system in your market? Check to see if they provide a public access channel. As part of their community agreement, many cable television service providers are required to offer at least one channel as a means of distributing local content. Many also provide the facilities to create software at little or no cost.

In 2013 I worked with public access facilities for our cable system in Albuquerque for construction Goodbye: Planning a funeral for those who don’t plan to die. The 14-episode, 30-minute TV series offers expert interviews on everything you need to know about funeral planning. before There is a death in the family. As a hostess, I lighten up the teaching about end-of-life pre-planning.

Episodes cover topics such as funeral planning, cremation, memorial services, cemeteries, green burials, life ceremonies, pet loss, financial planning, funeral cost management, coping, grieving, and other issues. These are evergreen themes.

After a seven-year hiatus, the series returns to Studio 519 Public Access Channel 27 in Albuquerque starting in January 2021. The episode about estate planning introduces Jim Plitz, an attorney with Morris Hall, PLLC, a member of the AAEPA. The company, which has offices in Arizona and New Mexico, sponsored this episode of the original series and a re-release in 2021.

This episode of A Goodbye TV focuses on the legal and financial issues that every adult needs to address before a death occurs in the family. Among the questions discussed:

  • Who needs to do estate planning?
  • What happens when you die without plans?
  • What is a commandment and why do people want to avoid it?
  • What are the “things” that are part of estate planning?
  • Are advance directives and living wills part of estate planning?
  • What is a trust and who needs to create one?
  • What should people do as a minimum to put their affairs in order?

You can watch this TV episode A Good Goodbye TV on Estate Planning on YouTube:

Jim Plitz has recorded a new video message that will be included in every episode of the re-released TV series. You can see the 30-second message here:

While most public access channels lack Nielsen ratings, people see programs that work there. A lot of times, people said, “I saw you on TV lately!” Take advantage of the view that local public access channels can provide to help educate the public about estate planning issues and your company.

Jill Rubin, Certified Secondary Specialist and The Doyenne of Death®, is a leading educator in the field of death education. She uses humor, funny movie clips, and out-of-the-box activities to teach end-of-life pre-planning. She curated the award-winning Before I Die New Mexico festival, and was honored by Albuquerque Business First with the 2019 Influential Woman Award. She is also the author of three books on end-of-life issues and a certified funeral celebrant. Her website is

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