Consultation on annual gross turnover function –

A total fiscal year turnover rate is displayed on the GST portal when the user clicks Go to Returns Dashboard at the time of login.

AATO values ​​displayed are based on return filing data provided by taxpayers and calculation made as of 06/26/2021. The turnover value is dynamically updated according to the return deposit. The total turnover is dynamically updated based on the deposits made by all GSTINs within the PAN. The final turnover and turnover of the total turnover will be provided after the tax officer is verified 10/11/2021.

On the page the user can see the values ​​based on the returns provided and if it has not been filled in yet, the AATO is estimated and displayed. If returns are submitted, actual AATO is shown based on returns.

If the AATO value is false, taxpayers can submit a ticket And get the same correction.

A consultation has been issued in this context and it is highly recommended that all professionals go through the same.

  • These facilities show to the taxpayer AATO (Total Annual Turnover) based on the returns made by him/her in the last financial year.
  • Facility to update the turnover of the turnover has also been made available to the taxpayer in this job, if the said taxpayer feels that the calculated system turnover is different from the turnover as per his records.
  • As stated, the calculation is based on returns made in the most recent fiscal year. For calculation details, see Turnover Calculation Logic.
  • This business number update facility must be provided for all GSTINs registered in a common PAN. All changes made by any of the GSTINs to its business number must be summed up to calculate the annual total business number for each of the GSTINs.
  • The taxpayer can amend the turnover twice within a period of one month from the date of this job being offered.
  • Then, the updated value will be frozen without any further attempts by the taxpayer to adjust their sales number, and this sales number will be sent to the tax officer of the jurisdiction for review.
  • In case the jurisdiction official finds any discrepancy in the updated/adjusted values ​​given by the taxpayer, the said employee can adjust the turnover.
  • Tax officers are expected to consult and/or communicate with the taxpayer prior to adjusting the business number declared by the taxpayer.
  • The turnover that is terminated by the tax officer after this consultation is considered final.
  • If the employee does not take any action within 30 days on the turnover reported by the taxpayer, this will be considered final (which will be shown to the taxpayer accordingly) and will be considered as such throughout the previous fiscal year.
  • In the event of any complaints regarding the said job, the affected taxpayer can raise a ticket at
  • All these tickets must be investigated by the technical team and will be resolved on a case by case basis and when needed forwarded to the jurisdiction officer.

Note: Taxpayers are expected to use this function only if there is a discrepancy observed by them in the system turnover calculated according to the above calculation logic.

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