Don’t Look Back: Embracing Change After Lockdown

The illustrious Grace Hopper once said, “The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ Reviewing nearly the past two years, many of us can safely say that very few things in our personal lives and business have remained the same as ever. We have learned We are all embracing the world of online learning, networking and social communication based on a virtual. A return to the way we are accustomed to doing things is very attractive.However, we must consider such a rapid reversal as likely undesirable, both in practical terms and in terms of the potential opportunities and future rewards that could accompany a more creative approach to ‘life as we know it’ “.

Some issues only emerge from a distance, and while the workflow interruption is not planned (or not appreciated, for that matter), it presents the opportunity to review things from a new perspective. You may have previously become selectively blind to office clutter, or an outdated filing system. Back in the office, if these kinds of things stand out – don’t wait until you get used to the mess! The same goes for any of your systems, office design, marketing, branding, how you communicate with customers and so on. If there is something you feel could be changed or improved, do it now while it is still clear to you.

what you are waiting for? We often find ourselves waiting for a “break” to make organizational changes, whether it’s the holidays or a slow season like summer. However, team members take breaks during the holidays, and that lull at work may never happen (hopefully, right?) so why not take this opportunity to start implementing changes now given that many years ago already marked a change in the way they did By giving and requesting services. You might be surprised at how accepting (or at least minimally challenging) changes are by existing customers, especially if you’re clear that updates are generally in their favour. You will also prove that your business adapts to the times, is dependable, and will be there when your clients need you because you are ready for whatever changes the world may have.

We might find that going back to our old daily practices was frustrating, and at times unrecognizable. Instead of forcing a square hook through a circular hole, it’s now time to re-evaluate whether these practices actually still serve us. The disruption of life as we’ve known it has provided an opportunity to embrace change, reinvent processes and simplify the way we do business and manage our daily lives – the benefits of changing things up might surprise you!

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