FSSAI registration number on invoices is mandatory from October 1

The Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 requires every food business operator to obtain a FSSAI license or registration before starting any food business. The law also requires that the FSSAI number be displayed on packaged food labels. In the case of establishments such as restaurants, pastry shops, canteens, retail stores etc., the regulations provide for the display of “Food Safety Display Boards” in conspicuous places at all times.

The order is dated 8NS June 2021 print authorizations FSSAI number on invoices and related documents, valid from 1St October 2021. This change means that companies in this ecosystem must compulsorily print the FASSI registration number on invoices, receipts, cash notes, invoices, etc. It is a new requirement along with adherence to the current need to print/display the number on products/buildings.

The new mandates cover all documents issued by food businesses with the exception of the electronic road bill and any such documents generated by government regulations.

The new change aims to solve various obstacles faced by various consumers in identifying and tracking the FSSAI number. It is also believed that it will help regulators to trace the origin of the complaint and take care of it immediately.

How do I mention the FSSAI number in invoices using TallyPrime?

If you are a food operator and use TallyPrime, you can simply follow the steps below to configure and print your FSSAI number on invoices.

  • Press “Alt + K” for “Company” from the Tally portal
  • Select “Modify”
  • Just below your company title, add FSSAI number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Enter your 14-digit FSSAI number
  • Enter and accept the screen

Now, the 14-digit number will be printed on all documents like invoices, receipts, etc. Below is a sample invoice with FSSAI number generated in TallyPrime:

FSSAI number in TallyPrime

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