Get a FREE Warranty on most online purchases from Mulberry

You work hard for your money and spend it responsibly. So when you finally make a big purchase, the last thing you want is for something to happen. Maybe your dog knocks over a drink on your new couch. Or a particularly curious child decides to see if your new phone can float.

ouch. You know there are manufacturer warranties, but they’re pretty short – and they might not even cover accidents like this.

Fortunately, we found a browser extension called berries This will give you 12 months of coverage for almost any online purchase – for free. seriously.

How to protect your online purchases for free

It’s as simple as Add Mulberry Extension to Chrome Browser.

Then, simply shop online as you normally would. The extension will monitor eligible items wherever you shop online – retailers like Best Buy, Costco, Home Depot, and many more.

It will then prompt you to sign up for Mulberry’s free 12-month protection plan, MulberryCare, to make sure your big purchases are safe from accidents: falls, spills, cracks, sudden heights, pets, and more.

Simply link your product to MulberryCare to get 12 months free. And if you want more than a year’s worth of protection, you can choose additional coverage paid within 30 days of receiving your online purchases.

Oh, and don’t worry: There’s no hidden auto-renew feature.

How is this better than traditional warranties?

Historically, extended warranties have felt a lot like a protection racket.

A horde of brokers raise prices and shake you up, making offers you can’t refuse if you want to protect a large purchase from accidental damage.

MulberryCare offers an alternative model that can save you up to 75% on a long-term plan, compared to the competitor warranties we’re used to seeing.

The idea is simple: Mulberry takes care of the insurance process largely in-house, cutting out the middlemen who would have taken their stake and upped the coverage. Then they pass those savings on to you.

Do you know those guarantees that appear in your online shopping cart right before you checkout? Compare their pricing with the plan options that the Mulberry supplement offers you – the difference may be stronger than any point we can make here.

In addition, Mulberry has a perfect rating in the Chrome Web Store.

To get started, just Add a Chrome extension to your browser, then activate your account with an email address and password and confirm your purchase within seven days.

You’ll sleep better knowing that your new (expensive) TV you just bought is protected – for free.

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