Growing your family through adoption

Celebrities are not the only ones who grow their families through adoption. We’re here to help you adopt your stepchild, grandchild, friend of a family member’s child, the list goes on.

If you are considering adoption, you are likely making life-changing decisions that may have raised many questions for you and your family. We want to help you, whether you’re looking to adopt your stepchild, grandchild, a friend of a family member’s child, or whether you’re looking for help putting your child into an adoptive family. Perhaps you have just started your adoption search, or you already have a child who is being met by a parent or agency, in either case we can help you complete your family, as we have done with others in the past. We also assist you with adult adoptions.

We have the passion and experience you and your family deserve.

We are passionate about educating clients, guiding them through the legal process, and engaging them every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients, define their goals for their families, and then achieve the best outcome for them through practical and helpful representation throughout the entire legal process. Hope you choose Grow your family with us!

Do you need guidance from an adoption attorney in Dallas, Texas?

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