Holiday rental companies are looking to fill 930,000 jobs

As the holidays approach, the same companies you’re browsing to find gifts and supplies are likely to be hiring—by the thousands. Perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands.

Seasonal jobs can help you offset the costs related to gift giving or travel, and you may even thrive in a full-time career in January and beyond.

Even in a “normal” year, it is difficult for companies to find and enlist a fleet of new seasonal recruits. Hiring this year for the holidays can be particularly challenging. Long before this hiring season, employers in the service industry faced what they called a “labour shortage.” Basically, for reasons that are hotly disputed, they could not find or hire enough workers.

If you are looking for seasonal work, this all translates to good news. To entice workers, many employers offer $15 or higher starting salaries, login bonuses and interesting benefits.

Here’s a look at who’s hiring before the holiday and how to apply.

Walmart (and Sam’s Club): 170,000 seasonal and permanent jobs

In recent years, Walmart’s seasonal hiring plans have been modest (20,000 last year) or non-existent. However, this hiring season, Walmart is reigning supreme with the biggest hiring initiative we’ve seen yet.

Walmart first revealed 20,000 permanent jobs related to its supply chain operations and then went on to open more than 150,000, “most of which are permanent” and full-time, according to the announcement. Openings at Sam’s Club, which is owned by Walmart, are also included in these numbers.

Supply chain openings include:

  • Filling request
  • Forklift Operators
  • Freight handlers
  • technicians
  • Operations managers

Jobs within the store include:

  • cashiers
  • Online order filling tools
  • Stockers
  • General merchandise retailers
  • Car Care Retailers
  • pharmacy retailers

Although Walmart doesn’t provide a company-wide minimum wage, it says its average starting wage for in-store jobs is $16.40, with some paying as much as $34 an hour. For supply chain jobs, the average starting wage is $20.37.

Application: or through [email protected] Application.

Amazon employs 165,000 permanent jobs. The majority of vacancies are in warehouses and fulfillment centers. Image courtesy of Amazon

Amazon: 165,000 permanent jobs

Since the start of the pandemic, Amazon says it has employed more than 450,000 people. And it’s about to add another 165,000.

Amazon’s massive hiring spree was announced at the start of the hiring season. However, all positions are permanent. In recent years, Amazon has avoided hiring temporary jobs and instead focused on permanent jobs.

Amazon revealed its plans to hire in batches, first announcing 40,000 tech and corporate jobs – and then another 125,000 related to logistics and warehousing.

Major openings for companies and technology in the field of IT, engineering, administrative work, human resources, customer service and other fields. The majority of Amazon slots are located in warehouses and fulfillment centers, which include package sorters, delivery drivers, and shoppers (who work in grocery stores or are incorporated into WholeFoods stores).

Amazon boasts a company-wide minimum wage of $15, and all full-time jobs are eligible for Medicare, retirement, and paid time off benefits starting from day one.

Application: For positions in companies, use; For warehouse locations, use

UPS: More than 100,000 seasonal jobs

Between October 2021 and January 2022, UPS plans to boost its workforce with more than 100,000 seasonal workers. Freight forwarding and logistics companies often hire en masse before the holiday to be able to handle the influx of packages.

A large number of part-time and full-time roles are available this recruitment season. On-demand jobs include package handlers, delivery drivers, co-drivers, and personal vehicle delivery drivers (ie you use your own vehicle to deliver packages).

Qualified seasonal workers may receive up to $1,300 to recoup college expenses, the company has a proven track record of offering permanent jobs to seasonal workers, and according to UPS’s recruitment advertisement, applicants can receive a job offer within 30 minutes of applying.


A woman works at the location of a Target store in San Diego, California.
The goal is to add 100,000 seasonal jobs before the holidays this year. Sandy Hafker / AP photos of the goal

Target: 100,000 seasonal jobs

Target is known for its mass hiring periods each fall. And while the 100,000 is the total number of openings, it’s 30,000 less than the previous two years.

Store front jobs are available part- and full-time, including roles in general merchandise, technology, beauty, guest services, order fulfillment, and more. And those Starbucks convenience stores? They need a lot of baristas too.

All seasonal workers at Target will be eligible for the company’s $15 minimum wage, a 10% in-store discount (and 20% for certain health products) and free mental health counseling. Seasonal workers 18 years of age or older are also eligible for free virtual doctor visits.

This year, Target is also unveiling a new employee scheduling app that aims to make picking up, switching, and dropping shifts much easier.

“Many seasonal team members will have the opportunity to stay with Target after the holiday season,” the company stated in its recruitment announcement, and these permanent employees—part-time or full-time—are eligible for the new debt-free college program.


United States Postal Service: 100,000 seasonal and permanent jobs

Extensive delays have plagued the USPS in the past year or so. A new $40 billion investment seeks to remedy that, and a large portion of the money is directed toward hiring 100,000 new postal workers.

This recruitment initiative has been in place since the beginning of the year, but it will run until January 2022, and a significant part of recruitment will be conducted in preparation for the holidays.

Open jobs include retail clerks, postmen (on foot and by car), tractor-trailer delivery drivers, mail truck drivers, mail handlers and more.

Part-time, full-time, permanent and seasonal jobs are available. The USPS does not have an agency-wide minimum wage, although many job listings for entry-level roles state hourly wages starting at over $18.


FedEx: 90,000 seasonal jobs

FedEx recently ended National Employment Day in an effort to begin filling 90,000 seasonal jobs.

The company recruits primarily for the “FedEx Ground” division that specializes in in-store and warehouse package delivery services. Storefront customer service representatives, truck drivers, package handlers, and operations managers are just a few of the many in-demand jobs.

FedEx doesn’t have a company-wide minimum wage, but according to PayScale, the average FedEx Ground wage is about $16 — but it can range from $10 to $33 depending on the position.


The exterior of the Kohls Store is shown with two palm trees near it.
Kohl’s employs about 90,000 seasonal workers ahead of the 2021 holiday. Tina Russell/Penny Horder

Kohl’s: 90,000 seasonal jobs

Big Box retailer Kohl’s is ramping up hiring in its stores, distribution warehouses and e-commerce fulfillment centers. The company said it is offering bonuses ranging from $100 to $400 to all hourly workers scheduled to work during the holidays.

Seasonal positions include warehouse workers, sales and customer service, team leaders, and general warehouse workers. Store job listings generally do not include pay. However, many listings for seasonal warehouse roles indicate wages between $14 and $17.

All hourly workers get at least a 15% discount (35% on certain days), and those who work at least 30 hours a week can qualify for health insurance – including seasonal workers.

Kohl’s recruitment announcement also notes that seasonal gigs have a chance to develop into permanent roles. Regular employees who work at least 30 hours a week can get dental and vision insurance.

Application: or text 24508

Macy’s Inc: 76,000 seasonal and permanent jobs

Macy’s seasonal hiring increase is approaching pre-pandemic levels. Macy’s Inc. Macy’s, Bloomingdale and Bluemercury stores.

Last year, ostensibly due to the pandemic, the company did not announce a major pre-holiday recruiting wave.

Her announcement this year is big – and quite specific:

  • Approximately 48,000 seasonal jobs.
  • 28,000 jobs expected to become permanent.
  • About 21,000 jobs are associated with the fulfillment center.
  • There will be approximately 54,415 jobs in the store (50,000 at Macy’s, 4,100 at Bloomingdale, and 315 at Bluemercury).
  • The remaining positions will focus on technology and customer service for Macy’s credit card holders.

In-store jobs are related to customer experience, sales, merchandise and operations, and major fulfillment center openings are for general warehouse workers, package collectors, and forklift operators. Part-time and full-time jobs are available.

Macy’s Inc. did not participate. Pay or benefits information for seasonal jobs is in their ad, and this information is not included in seasonal job listings either.

Application: and and www.

A person is checked by the cashier at Aldi's.
Aldi is adding 20,000 permanent jobs. The openings include part-time and full-time jobs. Sharon Steinman / Benny Horder

Di: 20,000 permanent jobs

Driven by “robust” growth, discount grocer Aldi is employing 20,000 workers. While the timing of Aldi’s announcement comes during the height of the hiring season, these jobs will be permanent.

The openings include part-time and full-time jobs. There is a special demand for cashiers, general grocery workers, warehouse and inventory workers.

In the announcement, the company said Aldi is also raising wages so that its average starting wage is $15 for grocery stores and $19 for warehouse locations.

Aldi employees are eligible for health benefits (but not insurance), paid vacation, and retirement plans.


Michaels: 20,000 seasonal jobs

After beating employment numbers last year, arts and crafts retailer Michaels plans to bring in 20,000 new seasonal workers this year. It employed 16,000 seasonal workers last year.

Positions within the store include cashiers, customer service, sales team members, tire makers, inventory and more. Some jobs are also available at Michaels’ distribution and support centers.

Michaels doesn’t offer a company-wide minimum wage, and pay isn’t included on most lists. Some warehouse jobs start between $16 and $17 per hour. According to Glassdoor wage data, retail and sales positions typically start around $10 or $11.

Seasonal workers are eligible for the 30% in-store discount but are not eligible for permanent employee benefits. However, in its hiring announcement, the company stated that more than 50% of seasonal workers stayed permanently in the past year.


Adam Hardy is a former staff writer at The Penny Hoarder who specializes in stories about the gig economy.

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