How are payment complaints filed via GST PMT 07 with monitoring?

The GST PMT 07 form is now available for the assessor to notify you of the payment related to the defect found on the GST portal. The form should report errors where the amount is debited from the taxpayer’s account but the electronic credit ledger should not be updated.

GST PMT 07 requires to be furnished by a registered individual showing tax filed under CGST, SGST, UTGST, IGST, cess and the challan date created to exercise the GST PMT-06 form. The registered individual is required to sign the GST Form PMT-07 with their digital signature on the GST portal.

GST PMT-07 Manual Filing of Payment Complaints

What is the way to respond to the additional grievance officer’s inquiry?

To submit grievances/complaints regarding the GST portal, do the following steps:

Step 1 Access the URL. The GST home page is displayed.

Step 2 Log in to the GST portal with valid credentials.

Noticeable: Grievances can either be submitted in advance or posted to the GST portal registration, but the relevant payment for complaints can be submitted through registered users or assessments as it is necessary to show the GSTIN.

Goods and Services Tax PMT 07

Step 3 Click on Services > Payments > Grievance Against Payment (GST PMT-07) command.

Step: 4 The grievance/complaints page is displayed. The grievance section is open by default.

Step: 5 In the Complaint Type drop-down list, choose the Grievance Against Payment (GST PMT 07) option.

Select Complaint Type GST PMT 07

Step: 6 For the case where you filed the grievance and file the grievance again, go to before the grievance ID in the previous grievance number field.

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Noticeable: The status is automatically filled in because you are logged in within the GST portal or in the direction of the pre-login, choose the status from the drop-down list.

Step: 7 From within the respective grievance to the dropdown menu, select the exact option.

GST PMT 07 Related Grievance

Step: 8 The information in the details of the taxpayer (person) reporting the grievance section is automatically filled in. Towards the scenario where you are not logged into the GST portal where you have to enter your own information in the details of the taxpayer (person) reporting the complaints department.

Step: 9 In the Complainant Name field, go to the name of the Complainant.

Step: 10 Within the grievance description field, go to grievance information.

Step: 11 Click on the Choose File button to upload the required credentials related to the complaint.

Step: 12 In the Payment discrepancy box in the CPIN field, enter the challan CPIN. CPIN-related information is displayed.

Step: 13 Choose the date on which the amount will be deducted through the calendar.

Step: 14 In the BRN field, enter BRN.

Step: 15 In the case of a pre-login, enter the Captcha code.

Step: 16 Choose a tag with the PAN option for the authorized signer, then choose the signatory from the drop-down list.

Step: 17 Click Submit with DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) or Submit using the EVC button to submit the complaint form.

Submit Complaint GST PMT 07

File with DSC:

a. Press the Yes button.
NS. Select the certificate and click the SIGN button.

File with EVC:

a. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to the email and mobile phone number mentioned in the grievance form and click on the VALIDATE OTP button.


Step: 18 When submitting a grievance form, GST portal must generate a grievance tracking number and forward it to the email address as specified on the form. You can review the status of the grievance after 10 minutes, through the “Inquiry Status” service.

GST PMT 07 complaint submitted successfully

Check Payment Complaint Form GST PMT-07 Status

To track the status of grievances/complaints regarding the GST portal, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the URL The GST home page is displayed.

Step 2: Log in to the GST portal with the correct credentials.

Noticeable: The status of grievances can be checked before logging into the GST portal or publishing it.

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Step 3: Click on the command Services > Payments > Grievance against Payment (GST PMT-07).

Goods and Services Tax PMT 07

Step 4: The grievance/complaints page is displayed. Click on the Inquiry Status section.

GST PMT 07 Status Inquiry

Step 5: Enter either the grievance number or date range. If you are not logged in, you can just search for the grievance number.

Grievance No. GST PMT 07

Step 6: Click on the search button.

Step 7: Search results are displayed to allow you to access the status of your furnished complaint.

Noticeable: If you log into the portal and explore the use of the selected option from the date range, the stated result will be the status of all complaints submitted as well as their corresponding grievance numbers.

Preparation: All grievances reveal one of the subsequent cases, on the solution of which depends:

  • Introduction: When filing a grievance
  • Resolved: Once the grievance is resolved.

Step 8: You can click on the grievance number and related information that appears in read-only mode.

PMT 07 Grievance No.

Payment related complaints and answers PMT-07

Q1 – What are the loopholes that I can file a complaint about?

Grievances may be raised in the aforementioned cases:

The amount deducted from the cash ledger of the bank account, not the relevant issues updated from NeFT / RTGS

  • Do not ask for a grievance under the mentioned circumstances.
  • 24 hours before the deduction of the amount by the bank account.
  • If the payment status is paid and the amount is updated in the cash ledger.
  • In the case of electronic payment, the payment is not made from the GST gateway.
  • If a Memorandum of Error (MoE) is raised on the CPIN.
  • Payment status “Failed” and the amount is not debited from a bank account
  • For OTC payments, the status is Pending Bank Clearance and Demand Check / Bill of Exchange Not Verified.

Q2 – Who can describe the grievances? Is there a requirement to be a registered user of the GST portal to submit complaints?

Any registered resident and user can be assigned a temporary ID that can appeal for payment related issues.

Q3 – Who classifies the submitted grievances?

Through the GST portal, payments related to all grievances are managed. On the basis of the Customer Identification Number (CPIN) and the name of the bank entered by the evaluator in the grievance form on demand, it is sent to the relevant bank. On answer, through the bank, the electronic cash ledger is updated with accurate comments and the grievance is stamped.

If there is no answer from the relevant bank or a wrong answer is obtained through the bank, the grievance card will be closed with the exact notes explaining the errors that occurred, for example: “Details were not received from your bank regarding the CIN (CPIN). Please contact the bank to resolve this. You can also contact the ombudsman of the relevant bank if the bank does not respond.”

Q4 – While submitting the GST payment, the money was debited through my bank account but in the electronic cash ledger, it was not displayed, and I did not get the CIN. To the circumstances at what time should I need to report my complaint?

To the grievances related to payments or electronic cash ledger and circumstances where funds are debited to the bank account but not shown in the electronic cash ledger or CIN was not obtained or others, users are advised to be patient for 24 hours from the time the reimbursement is built. The majority of cases resolve on their own within 24 hours.

If your payment is not successful, the allocated amount may be returned to your bank account or it may be processed to generate a CIN and thus will appear in your electronic cash ledger. If the situation is not automatically resolved within 24 hours, you may choose to file a complaint for your case at the GST portal.

Q5 – Is there a way I can track progress or grievance status after furnishing?

Users can review the progress or status of their complaints in the GST portal on their own using the “Inquiry Status” service below the grievance list. Each complaint must state one of the states based on the resolution path and checkpoint:

  • Introduction: Upon filing the grievance.
  • Resolved: Once the grievance is resolved.

When there is an update of the grievance card, the resident or petitioner should receive updates via SMS and emails.

Q6 – Do I file a grievance in the pre-login mode?

The grievance must be submitted both at pre-login and after login.

Q7 – Can I enable you to see the status of the complaint in pre-login mode?

Q8 – What is the method of submitting grievances or complaints on the GST portal?

Go to Services > User Services > Grievance/Complaints and submit the Grievance Form afterwards.

Q9 – What is the way to know the status of the grievance or complaints submitted on the GST portal?

Go to Services > User Services > Grievance / Complaints > Status Inquiry and enter the grievance number and the status will be displayed.

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