Incidental and non-resident taxable person for GST registration 27

CTP (Taxable Occasional Person): Section 2 (20) of the CGST Act of 2017 states that a cash transfer program is an individual that occasionally offers transactions that cover the supply of goods or services or bilateral toward a cause or business progress whether the principal, agent, or other company capacity, in a state or in UT as it has no defined workspace.

NRTP (Non-resident taxable person): Section 2 (77) of the CGST Act 2017 states that an NRTP is directed at any individual who is sometimes subject to transactions consisting of a supply of goods or services or duplexes either as principal, agent or in any other capacity, however, who has no particular space to operate or residence in India.

Now let’s see the provision for CTP and NRTP registration in a comprehensive way.

NRTP and CTP Get it for 90 days (+90 days)
Section 27 (1)
A certificate of registration granted for a CTP or NRTP will be valid for a certain period of 90 days from the date of issuance of the previous registration, and these individuals will make taxable supplies until the issuance of the registration certificate: that the employee suitable for sufficient reason stated is extended to the specified period of 90 days during the additional period but Not more than 90 days.
Pay taxes in advance
Section 27 (2)
The CTP or NRTP will, within the 25 (1) u/s registration application period, guarantee a tax advance deposit of the amount relevant to the approximate tax liability for the period in which the registration seeks to do so in any extension of time 27 (1) is required to file such taxable individual An additional amount of tax that is the same assessed tax liability for the period for which the extension is seeking
Section 27 (3) “The amount deposited u/s 27 (2) shall be credited to the electronic cash ledger” for individuals and will be used to pay u/s 49.

The relevant rules of the 2017 CGST Rules that can aid in effective endorsement are mentioned as follows:

Steps to register for NRTP under Rule 15

  1. An application can be submitted by a non-resident taxable individual.
  • Including a certified copy of his valid passport for registration,
  • It is signed or validated via an electronic verification code,
  • In the form of GST REG-09,
  • At least 5 days before starting work

It is recognized that for a business entity started or established outside India, the application for registration will be submitted in addition to a tax identification number or unique number on the grounds that the entity is recognized by the government of that country or its PAN if available.

  1. Individual applying for registration as an NRTP
  • It will be provided with a TRN (Temporary Reference Number) via a common portal,
  • To build a pre-tax deposit and
  • The acknowledgment will be sent electronically to the specified deposit in its electronic cash ledger.
  1. On the application under the Rule 9 provision and Rule 10, the verification and assignment of registration will be applied after making the necessary adjustments.
  1. The registration request is executed through NRTP
  • It will be duly signed or verified by electronic verification code
  • Through the authorized signatory
  • Who must be an individual residing in India and having a valid PAN number

Rule 15 Prolongation of the procedure period by CTP and NRTP

  1. If the CTP or NRTP intends to prolong the registration period described in their registered application,
  • The application will be submitted on Form GST REG-11 electronically,
  • through the individual
  • before the expiration of the entry submitted to him.

2. An application under subrule (1) will be recognized upon payment of the amount described in subsection (2) of Section 27.

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