Is there a cover in your way?

I love the old flea training a story! In case you haven’t heard it before, it’s the story of the man who caught a flea and put it in a large, tall jar with a lid. The flea wanted to get out so he jumped and jumped. And every time he jumped, he would repeatedly hit his head on the top of the jar. After his headache started, he decided to jump *approx* At the top of the jar, the lid is barely missing…to avoid the pain of hitting the top of the jar again covered. After a short while, the man came back and lifted the lid off the jar…and guess what?

The flea jumped almost to the top of the jar but not higher. Even with the lid on, he jumped and jumped but never got out of that jar.

In some estate planning law firms – in terms of legal marketing, legal education, law firm management or practice leadership – we often see the same thing happen! You do something multiple times and it doesn’t work – it looks a lot like it will never happen, so you just go as far as expected or expected each time and never look for a new method or view.

You may have tried to meet with influencers in the past and never noticed positive results. You probably still live a nice and relaxed social (aka: unproductive) Lunches to this day or I’ve given up trying to make these types of referral and private seminar opportunities work.

or Could If you’re the attorney and you’re still doing non-lawyer work (like creating your estate planning documents or conducting final signing meetings), is it because of the pain you went through trying to delegate it to the wrong non-lawyer a long time ago?

bamShock your head with this marketing approach or bam You’ve got your head on delegating work that prevents you from generating new revenue or directing your practices in an innovative direction…and bam I stopped figuring out what the next level of success could be in those areas.

Now might be a good time to stop and consider how you handle certain things in your practice. Do you fall short so as not to hit your head again? Take a look at old habits and adapt to renewable energy and ask yourself What if ____ was possible? Fill in this blank. You may want to scratch your head and look at your fees with fresh eyes, look at the team you’ve built and their true potential, or look at the illegal details lawyers do in your practice and reinvent your own method. The future of the law firm can be seen. Not until you do something different – you will do things In fact Different!

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