Now remote access to your TallyPrime license data and data

By offering a connected solution powered by AWS, companies can remotely access TallyPrime and data, no matter where they are. Now that you have the option of remote access to TallyPrime, you may face a dilemma whether you choose a remote access solution, powered by AWS, or use a local license (single-user for life or multi-user license)

To get around this dilemma and see if a remote access solution is right for your business, we have listed some instructive scenarios that will help you decide on the setup

Before starting with the scenarios, it is essential to consider the following points when choosing a cloud solution that makes it easy to access TallyPrime from anywhere.

  • Does your business really need a solution of this kind? Your business operations, the nature of the app users, and your future plans as an entrepreneur may help you answer this question
  • The anywhere access solution is mainly based on internet-based applications, which are vulnerable to outages caused by untrusted network/hardware/software. In such cases, it will have an impact on business continuity and operations. It is a critical factor for choosing a solution
  • While it offers the greater convenience of accessing TallyPrime from anywhere, it comes at a recurring cost due to the infrastructure involved. It boils down to affordability, a key factor

Now, let’s take a look at some how-to scenarios that help you understand the TallyPrime setup, powered by AWS.

SL. No




Max Traders has a head office and two branches. There are 5 users in HO and 1 user in each branch location using TallyPrime. Central data is maintained for all branches in HO



Ace Electronics has head office and 4 branches. In head office there are 6 users, and in each branch, they have 3 users who will run next. In addition, Mr. Jhon, the owner and chief financial officer of it, requires the ability to continuously view/edit Tally from home or while traveling. Other users will only work in office buildings. In addition, they also want to integrate the data of all their branches into the HO.



Matrix Traders is a trading company. Mr. Jose is an accountant who manages the books and finances of Matrix Traders. It is the only person who will operate Tally within the office premises, and there is no need for data access by the owner.


(Single user license recommended)


Supreme Traders is a small trading company. Mr. Sham is the accountant who takes care of their books and money. He’s the only one who will run Tally. Employer wants to give Mr. Sharad access to view/modify while traveling or at home


(A single user license with built-in Tally remote access will suffice for the need)

The above are some indicative scenarios that help you understand remote access in partnership with AWS. While it offers more convenience and convenience to access TallyPrime anywhere, it is crucial to consider the need or relevance to your business, affordability, downtime, etc., and choose the one that best suits your business.

TallyPrime, powered by AWS, is in beta. Click here to learn more and purchase the solution.

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