Style is everything in Microsoft® Word®

Estate planning is document-intensive, and you can use Microsoft® Word® to produce those documents. Have you ever felt frustrated while formatting it? No doubt you can use all the tips you can get.

In addition, there are likely more things you can do with Word than you can imagine. the book, Style is everything at Microsoft® Word®It can help you save time and frustration while preparing professional looking documents.

For example, are you having trouble getting rid of unwanted font? Is switching from Roman page numbers to Arabic a challenge? Is it difficult to control paragraph numbers? Are tables of contents taking a long time to create? If so, this book is for you.

Style is everything in Microsoft® Word® It shows how styles hold formatting together, and combine text and paragraph formatting so that they can be applied in a single action. With Styles, you can format documents with speed, consistency, and flexibility. Even paragraph numbers become…bulletproof.

Did you know that patterns are associated with automation? You can use it to set up a table of contents in seconds and update it with the push of a button.

This landscape-oriented workbook provides step-by-step instructions, paired with illustrations and examples on facing pages. In addition to coordination and automation features, it provides a host of useful suggestions for your daily work. You’ll see various ways to cleanly paste materials from documents and other sites, learn how to create shortcuts, troubleshoot document formats, clean up poorly behavior documents, and standardize document designs within the office.

Author Mary MacArthur, Master of Software, used her extensive experience in using word processors, teaching, programming, and support to compile this handbook of time-saving techniques. It has developed macros, shortcuts, and templates for clients to facilitate document formatting, text entry, letterheads, signature lines, multi-level paragraph numbering, and filing.

It has designed dialogs for users to select text options from a variety of options in wills, trusts, interrogations, jury instructions, objections, and bankruptcy documents. That’s the fun stuff for Marie – making people’s everyday word processing easier, faster, consistent, and well-formatted.

Style is everything in Microsoft® Word® It can save you and your employees time, money and hassle.

Jill Rubin, Certified Secondary Specialist and The Doyenne of Death®, is a leading educator in the field of death education. She uses humor, funny movie clips, and out-of-the-box activities to teach end-of-life pre-planning. She curated the award-winning Before I Die New Mexico festival, and was honored by Albuquerque Business First with the 2019 Influential Woman Award. She is also the author of three books on end-of-life issues and a certified funeral celebrant. Her website is

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