The best countries to visit in 2021 this fall

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Roasting marshmallows, corn ready to harvest, and everything flavored with pumpkin spice—but where should you travel for fall vacation?

To help you plan your trip, LawnStarter has ranked the best states to visit this fall.

We compared 50 states based on 15 fall factors, such as the number of national and state parks, trails, corn mazes, and wineries. We’ve taken into account the number of weeks each state is expected to produce fall foliage for the perfect postcard picks.

Check out our ranking of the top countries below, followed by our methodology.

1. Vermont

DonLand /

Final total: 60.34

Autumn scene rank: 7

outdoor recreation rank: 6

entertainment rank: 1

2. New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Final total: 52.86

Autumn scene rank: 9

outdoor recreation rank: 3

entertainment rank: 2

3. Maine

Portland Maine Lighthouse
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Final total: 49.34

Autumn scene rank: 18

outdoor recreation rank: 4

entertainment rank: 4

4. California

Kings Canyon National Park in California
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Final total: 43.66

Autumn scene rank: 13

outdoor recreation rank: 2

entertainment rank: 17

5. Wyoming

Sheridan, Wyoming
Sandra Voight /

Final total: 43 .09

Autumn scene rank: 3

outdoor recreation rank: 5

entertainment rank: 14

6. Alaska

Fairbanks Alaska
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Final total: 42.10

Autumn scene rank: 47

outdoor recreation rank: 1

entertainment rank: 48

7. Oregon

Eugene, Oregon
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Final total: 39.05

Autumn scene rank: 24

outdoor recreation rank: 10

entertainment rank: 3

8. Montana

Colton Stifler /

Final total: 38.30

Autumn scene rank: 6

outdoor recreation rank: 7

entertainment rank: 10

9. Washington

tusharkoley /

Final total: 35.52

Autumn scene rank: 23

outdoor recreation rank: 9

entertainment rank: 5

10. Connecticut

Richard Cavalieri /

Final total: 35.01

Autumn scene rank: 20

outdoor recreation rank: 8

entertainment rank: 11

11. Colorado

Aurora Colorado
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Final total: 33.10

Autumn scene rank: 2

outdoor recreation rank: 14

entertainment rank: 28

12. Utah

Jason Fenn /

Final total: 32.88

Autumn scene rank: 1

outdoor recreation rank: 12

entertainment rank: 37

13. Massachusetts

Amherst College
Mark Yarshwan /

Final total: 30.97

Autumn scene rank: 21

outdoor recreation rank: 13

entertainment rank: 20

14. New York

Autumn leaves in Rochester, New York
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Final total: 30.87

Autumn scene rank: 5

outdoor recreation rank: 15th

entertainment rank: 22

15. Michigan

Battle Creek, Michigan
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Final total: 30.84

Autumn scene rank: 7

outdoor recreation rank: 20

entertainment rank: 9


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We ranked 50 states from best (#1) to worst (#50) based on their overall scores (out of a possible 100 points), with the average of all the weighted scales listed below.

  • autumn scenery
  • The expected number of weeks of fall foliage
  • The number of scenic drives
  • Number of national parks
  • The area of ​​the national parks
  • The number of state parks
  • Surface area of ​​state parks
  • Share of the area of ​​national and state parks
  • Forest area share
  • Forest paths per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Hiking trails per 100,000 inhabitants
  • average square footage
  • Apple orchards per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Corn mazes per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Pumpkin spots per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Wineries, wine producers and/or wine mixers per 100,000 inhabitants

Resources: National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, National Center for Disaster Preparedness,,,,, LawnStarter.

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