The biggest risks you’ll face in retirement and how to prepare

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While nothing is certain in life—well, except for death and taxes—as you enter your retirement years, you’ll be faced with more uncertainty than ever.

When retirement is the time to unwind, you run the risk of derailing your plans before you get there.

What if your money exceeds? What if I get a debilitating and expensive disease? Will your income keep pace with inflation? Will you have enough to live the life you want? If you choose or need to work, will you be physically able to? What if taxes rose? What if Social Security drops? Will you have enough to pay for a nursing home?

Unless you are very wealthy, these risks can threaten a comfortable retirement and affect the amount of money you will need.

So a big part of retirement planning is about taking risks: thinking about potential problems up front and preparing as best you can, mentally, physically, and financially.

This is “money!” podcast about. We’ll talk about the biggest retirement risks and how to prepare for them. Because while it is true that the only certain thing in life is uncertainty, it is also true that forewarning is foretold.

As usual, journalist Miranda Marquette will be giving presentations. He listens and sometimes contributes to producer and novice investor Aaron Freeman.

Sit back, relax and listen to this week’s song “Money!” Audio notation:

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