The complete process of changing the business address registered in the GST on the portal

GST registration is required for all businesses. Despite the category of company activities, companies whose turnover exceeds Rs 40 lakh must be registered for GST. Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration has various advantages.

A pre-registered assessor may be required to update their GST profile required to review their GST registration certificate. GST adjustments are directed at any adjustment made to GST registrations information.

If the principal place of business address is required to change or if a new principal place has been added, a GST REG-14 form must be submitted. To change a corporate address, the GST Registration Reviews application must consist of confirming the new address.

The procedure for changing the address in the GST portal

Step 1: Log in to the GST portal

GST login portal

Step 2: Go to Services > Click on Register

Step 3: Edit button, prefer the field you want to change

The fourth step: Choose revisions for primary registration fields

Basic areas of registration

Fifth step: Choose the tab “Primary place of work or” Place of additional work

Additional workplace

Sixth step: Provide the reason for the review and then confirm it.

give a reason

Seventh step: REG-14 of GST. To amend the GST, you must submit the same form.

The GST employee within 15 days verifies the GST REG-15 form and makes it certified by the GST employee. All such changes will be implemented on the said date.

Eighth step: Choose an authorized signatory, enter the signer, and sign the application with DSC, E-Sign, or EVC.

Add details

A message will be prompted on the screen indicating a success message and a copy of the consideration will be sent to the registered email and mobile phone.

Goods and Services Tax Gateway: Is the PAN Number and Country updated or updated?

No, the specific GST registration PAN will not be modified. There may be an error in the PAN or modification to the PAN due to revisions in the constitution of this business toward the same state as the partnership owner. The petitioner will have no choice but to register for the new registration exercising Form GST REG-01.

What type of proof of GST registered business address is acceptable?

  • Documents proving ownership of the property such as the latest real estate tax receipt, a copy of the municipal line, or a copy of the electricity bill.
  • The most recent copy of the lease or lease agreement, including the document that proves the landlord’s ownership of the space, such as the latest real estate tax receipt, a copy of the municipality bill, or an electric bill.
  • An affidavit to this effect, as well as any document proving possession of the building, such as a copy of the electricity bill.

Who can provide reviews of registered applications?

The following are the persons registered with said GST who are subject to submitting change of registered applications:

  • New registrants and ordinary taxpayers
  • TDS/TCS registrars, UN bodies, embassies etc, and the person reporting has a UIN
  • Non-resident taxable person
  • GST Practitioner
  • Online details and access to the database or retrieval service provider

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