The five of the memorial service contract

Are your customers wondering what information they need to create a memorable memorial service or funeral? They can use this list of helpful questions to answer before a loved one dies. Many of these questions are directed to “you,” but you can direct them to someone else.

Have arrangements been made for cremation or burial with a funeral home/cemetery, cremation service provider, or mortuary service?

What is the contact information for this service provider(s)(s)?

If arrangements were made, was the financing provided through insurance (advance need, final expense, or otherwise), death-on-death payment, or some other method?

These following questions cover Five W: The who what when where, And Why To hold a memorial service – important details that will help make the event memorable, meaningful and touching.

Who is the Do you want to hold a celebration of life or memorial or funeral? It could be a trusted clergyman, a priest, a talented friend or relative, or another special person. what or what Is their contact information?

Who is the Do you want to talk at this event about your life? Would you like to honor specific people by inviting them to participate in another way, such as singing, dancing, playing music, or reciting a reading?

Who is the Needs an invitation to celebrate your life and what or what Is their contact information?

what or what Organizations need to call to alert fellow members and friends about an anniversary party?

what or what – If any – Organization(s) would you have people support them with memorial donations instead of flowers?

what or what Three or four pieces of music that are meaningful to you and Why? Do you want a musician to play an instrument as part of the event?

what or what Poems, prayers or other readings are important to you?

what or what A motif or theme that best represents your life? Items that reflect your values, hobbies, and crafts can be on hand at the event, and can even be given to attendees as souvenirs.

what or what Are your favorite colors and flowers (if any)?

what or what Wise words you would like to share with those wishing to celebrate your life?

what or what Would you like to finish your remains if cremation was your choice? (Saying you don’t care isn’t helpful.)

when Would it be a good time to celebrate your life? Do you want to associate this event with a specific holiday or time of year? Does your family need to coordinate travel around school schedules?

where Do you want to celebrate your life? If you are religious, do you want to be in a house of worship? If you are not religious, what meaningful places can accommodate a party and party?

Why Is the exact place to celebrate your life important to you?

what or what Other details you may want to specify? To serve certain foods or drinks? Do you have a balloon launch or candle lighting party? Gifts to give guests?

Do you have any special requests for guests attending your life celebration? Some suggestions – wear a certain color or style of clothing, make a donation to a charity, or bring a story or photo to share at the event.

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