These airlines now offer larger overhead boxes


If you’re a flyer who’s tired of trying to stack your carry-on luggage in an overhead bin of an airplane helplessly, relief has finally arrived.

In recent years, both Boeing and Airbus have built single-aisle planes with much larger overhead boxes, the Wall Street Journal reported. Big Boxes were first introduced six years ago by Alaska Airlines, and are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the industry.

For example, American Airlines now has boxes in two-thirds of its single-aisle planes. This number is likely to rise to 75% by spring.

Alaska Airlines owns 56% of its Boeing fleet, and that number is also expected to grow.

The WSJ says the bins are large enough that all passengers on the flight can fit a foldable bag on its side in the trash. Boxes usually have labels that remind passengers to load the bags’ wheels first and turn them over on their side rather than laying them flat.

Not every plane requires large chests. According to the WSJ:

‚ÄúContainer space is more than just an issue on single-aisle jets, known in business as ‘narrow objects’. Wide-body, twin-aisle jets usually have a lot of storage space.”

Some airlines have not embraced the new funds. For example, Southwest has no plans to change from the standard chests. The airline already offers two free checked bags per passenger and “you don’t want to pack mice into the cabin,” the Wall Street Journal wrote.

But other airlines are sticking to the new trend. United Airlines has announced that the new planes it is ordering will have larger boxes, for example.

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