Tips for creating a real estate plan when you have few assets

If you don’t have many assets, one of your questions may be whether you really need a real estate plan. The truth is that all people can benefit from an estate plan, because without a will, trust, or other protection, your property could end up going to the state or being distributed in a way you wouldn’t be happy.

An estate plan helps you ensure that your assets will pass easily to your heirs and beneficiaries upon your death. You can also include your own requirements for them to access that inheritance.

Is real estate planning for wealthy families or only individuals?

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy or families. In fact, anyone can benefit from making sure that their finances are taken care of and that their assets are transferred as they wish after their death.

Estate planning may help your family avoid a probate or ensure that they have the ability to carry out your wishes while you are still alive but powerless.

Real estate plans are not just wills

Some people think that estate plans are just wills or wills, but the truth is that an estate plan must contain beneficiary designations, letter of intent, guardianship assignments, health care power of attorney documents, permanent power of attorney appointment and other legal documents included as well.

An estate plan is more than just transferring your assets, as it has the potential to protect you while you are alive or when you are incapacitated. It allows you to discuss your desires and ensure that they are always carried out when possible.

Inheritance plans may also help you with life insurance distribution, to provide a pet through a pet trust or to make sure assets pass through without having to go through costly and time-consuming probate.

If you’re not sure what your property plan is and what you should include, there is help available. Learn about your legal options, so you can make decisions that will protect you and your property and those you love. A few simple documents can be the difference between creating or preventing conflicts at the end of your life or after your death.

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